About Recycling

About Recyling

Star Metals Group is Also Engaged in Recycling Sector. Our recycling Unit known as Star Steel
We are one the most trusted metal recyclers in Gujarat, Our unit is spread out in 1 Lacs sq. ft. Our project is labour oriented, we have employed more than 100 labours, and we are planning to employ around 500 more labours with in 2020.

About Recycling
The metals recycling industry performs a vital social and environmental function.The industrya has no peer in terms of conserving the worlds natural resources while the various stages of recycling process provide employment for millions of people all around the world.It is estimated that the global recycling industry directly employs more than 1.5 million people ,annually processes over 500 million tons of commodities and has turnover exceeding 160 billion US $.
Recyclers collect products that have reached the end of their useful lives and then transform them into valuable secondary raw materials that can be fed back into the manufacturing process.If it were not for the metals recycling industry, a substantial proportion of these end-of-life goods would be consigned to landfills and the valuable materials they contained would be lost to the production cycle forever.

Our Products are widely used in the Steel Plants in India as well as abroad as a de oxidation agent. Our quality is approved at all the Plants where we are supplying. We are manufacturers of following range of the Aluminium Products:

Aluminum De-ox Ingots

Purity:AL 96.00 to AL 98.00

Weight:8 Kgs to 27 kgs

Aluminum Notch bar

Purity:AL 96.00 to AL 98.00

Weight:1kg to 2kg

Aluminum Cubes

Purity:AL 96.00 to AL 98.00

Weight:100 gram to 250 gram

Aluminum Shots

Purity:AL 96.00 to AL 98.00

Weight:5gm to 20 gm


96% Analysis Report

97% Analysis Report

98% Analysis Report

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Star Steel

Plot No. 4, Survey No. 57, Behind ganesh rolling mill, Village : Mamsa, TA. Ghogha, DIST. Bhavngar- 364050, Gujarat, India

Phone:+91 98982 32206, +91 98790 34040



Star Metals

Shade No. 15, Paiki Godown No. 4, Match factory compound, Moti talav road, Bhavnagar - 364002, Gujarat, India