Welcome To Star Metals Group

Star Metals Group, established in Aug 2010, is the dream of Mr. Shebaz Daula and Mr. Sufiyan Daula, a visionary who family has been involved in this business for last 25 years. Star Metals Group is now led by the young and dynamic Mr. Shebaz Daula and Mr. Sufiyan Daula who is steering ship to greater shores of glory, having developed proficiency in the technical aspects of manufacturing and recycling in various departments, Excellent and optimum transport facilities, facilitates us in predicting the deliveries and fulfilling it on time. Star Metals Group is in two fields one is trading and second recycling. Recycling unit known as Star Steel and trading unit known as Star Metals.

With world class facilities , and continuously upgrading to new technologies, Star Metals Group is trying to set international standards for itself to grow further more. We are one of the biggest importers and recyclers of Gujarat, and also we are the most preferred supplier to large number of industries, due to our fair and transparent dealing.

Mission & Vision

To be a leader in Aluminium and Copper semi-finished products sector, generating long term profits while strengthening relations with our customers and also committing strongly towards the environmental and social responsibility

Striving to be a leader in our field by making innovative products with superior quality, collaborating with customers to reduce costs and build basis for mutual collaboration, and intensifying our efforts towards ongoing financial stability and profitability.

Environment & Safety

Since our founding, we have been committed to continually improving our safety and environmental performance through ongoing training and new technology. Safety is a top priority.We decided not to use lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or hexavalent chromium in the wide range of aluminium and copper.